Music records for Hebron

Grade 8 Distinction Students

Once again, Hebron School did really well in the annual ABRSM Music Exams. 116 students took a music exam, and this year all passed. It was very noticeable that this year there were more students taking Grades in higher exams than in previous years.

A number of “music records” were broken this year. Firstly, we had the highest number of Grade 8 distinctions, with four students achieving this high level of performance:

Jesse Y – Distinction in Grade 8 Trumpet

Chanmi K – Distinction in Grade 8 Singing

David C – Distinction in Grade 8 Alto Saxophone

Yohan Y – Distinction in Grade 8 Piano

David C was the first student to achieve Grade 8 in three different instruments: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Piano.

Lastly, we had two students gain their diploma in performance: Yein P for Piano and Joshua H for Cello. Joshua was the first student to ever receive a distinction for a music diploma.

Congratulations to all our music students and the music department staff.


Andrew Trythall, Head of Music Dept.

Hebron Chamber Choir at Magnificat 2016

Hebron Chamber Choir

On Friday 2nd of December last term, the Hebron School Chamber Choir hopped onto a bus and drove down to Bangalore to attend and perform in the Magnificat 2016 Concert, held at Christ University. The concert was held over two days and we were to perform on the second.

We arrived in Bangalore early the next morning and were escorted to the Christ University campus. Excitement was definitely in the air! As we explored the huge campus, we couldn't wait to see what the concert would be like. After breakfast, we got in some practice time, and at 6:00pm, we shuffled into the massive auditorium, which had a capacity of about 5000, and sat down and waited for the concert to begin. We were astounded at the number of choirs that performed, Christ University itself having about nine or ten separate choirs. There were a wide range of pieces that were performed, and needless to say we were entertained throughout.

The next day, we had another practice session before again heading out to the mall, and spent the afternoon there until it was time to get back to the campus to get ready for our big performance. There were more people that day than the day before! When it was our turn, we walked out onto the vast stage and gave it our all. The crowd actually started cheering and applauding during our performance (something that they hadn't done before!). It's safe to say that we were one of the choirs that the audience enjoyed the most. After our performance, we skipped the rest of the concert and headed back to our rooms for a well-deserved party.

The entire experience was exhilarating, and also a bit nerve-wracking! However, in spite of all the difficulties, we had an incredibly enjoyable trip away from school! It was an honour to perform at Magnificat 2016.


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