Music records for Hebron

Grade 8 Distinction Students

Once again, Hebron School did really well in the annual ABRSM Music Exams. 116 students took a music exam, and this year all passed. It was very noticeable that this year there were more students taking Grades in higher exams than in previous years.

A number of “music records” were broken this year. Firstly, we had the highest number of Grade 8 distinctions, with four students achieving this high level of performance:

Jesse Y – Distinction in Grade 8 Trumpet

Chanmi K – Distinction in Grade 8 Singing

David C – Distinction in Grade 8 Alto Saxophone

Yohan Y – Distinction in Grade 8 Piano

David C was the first student to achieve Grade 8 in three different instruments: Clarinet, Alto Saxophone and Piano.

Lastly, we had two students gain their diploma in performance: Yein P for Piano and Joshua H for Cello. Joshua was the first student to ever receive a distinction for a music diploma.

Congratulations to all our music students and the music department staff.


Andrew Trythall, Head of Music Dept.

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