A Levels

alevelsA Levels is composed of Standard 12 and Standard 13 students. These student study and sit the British General Certificate of Education (GCE) external exams. A Level courses can be completed at two levels, Advanced Subsidiary level (AS) and Advanced Level (A Level). In the first year of a course the student completes the AS components (exam(s) and any required course work) to gain their AS level grade/mark. The student can then build upon the AS level with a second year at the A2 level. Once the A2 components of the course have been completed the student is awarded an overall A Level grade for that course.

In Standard 12 students are expected to take four subjects/courses as well as General Studies at AS level. It is usual for students to continue with only three of their chosen four subjects in Standard 13, to complete the full A level course in these subjects. Occasionally students are able pick up another subject at AS level in Standard 13.