Thank you for considering Hebron School as one of your options for your child’s schooling. Read through the following carefully before you proceed.

The academic year begins in August. We will start accepting applications one year before the date of entry. The Admissions’ Committee will meet in October and March each year to select students as per the vacancies available. We would not normally accept applications for entry into Standard 11 (the final year of the IGCSE course) or Standard 13(the final year of the GCE ‘A’ Level course) unless under exceptional circumstances. The following should be sent with the application:

  • A Level applicants should send both the Students Application Form and A Level Student Application Form.
  • Reference forms completed by the child’s current school (in the case of home schooled children the parent or home school teacher can complete these forms).
  • Pre-admission medical form.
  • Application fees – an amount of (INR) ₹ 4800 by way of CASH / BANK TRANSFER or DEMAND DRAFT only payable to Hebron School and drawn on any bank in Ootacamund (Udhagamandalam).  Cheques will not be accepted.  This is NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Covering letter indicating why the family wishes their child to study at Hebron which offers an international curriculum.
  • Recent school report.
  • Copy of birth certificate and passport (if available).

Hebron is a small school (total enrolment approximately 360) and this means vacancies are few. There may be times when new admissions are not possible for certain classes. We want prospective applicants to know about the limitations.  It would be most unwise not to prepare other options.

To preserve the integrity of our admissions policy, we cannot respond to pressure or representation.  Cases will be fairly and compassionately considered on their merits.  We can assure you that Hebron will do its best for each and every applicant for admission.

Hebron is primarily a boarding school (from age 9 years upwards) and there is only a small quota of day students.

Children of all nations are eligible for admission but candidates must be able to produce documentary evidence of their nationality. Please note that we admit only children whose parents are living/working in Africa, the Gulf and Asia. In all cases we consider first children who require the form of education Hebron offers as opposed to those who desire it. The Principal can explain this fully. We highly recommend a visit to School before submitting entry papers.


Entry is at the start of the School year in August. Vacancies are sometimes available at the start of the February term, but August is still preferable. 


Please keep in mind the following guidelines when you submit an application:

Boarding is normally for students aged 9 years+ and into Std. 5 or above.

As an international school we inevitably have to cope with varying ages at any one educational level. The following table shows the average age of students entering each standard in August:

  Primary Middle Senior A Level
Standard Reception 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Age 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17


Students seeking admission to the 'A' Level Course (Std. 12) must meet stringent academic requirements, face a personal interview and undergo aptitude tests. The additional ‘A’ Level application form should also be completed and sent to the school. Students aged 18+ are not normally admitted into Std. 12.


There is a limited quota for day students, exceptions being staff children and children of foreign personnel at the Defence Services Staff College, Wellington.  Students who have been given admission as boarders cannot change to day attendance, unless the school requests for this change.

Please note that all student admissions are at the discretion of the School Council - no objection will be entertained. The information given above constitutes the guidelines and is subject to change.

All foreign students attending the School from outside India, need Student Visas. If possible a five year multiple-entry visa should be obtained. The School undertakes to register foreign passport holders with the local police. All passports and travel documents must be handed over to the Dorm Parents immediately on arrival.

Please ensure that your children do not come into India on Tourist Visas, and then expect to change them to Student Visas. This is not possible and can cause you endless problems!

Application Forms

For more information, you may reach the Admissions Secretary either through email or telephone:


Tel: +91 423 2225820 Ext: 334