Welcome to the Alumni section of the Hebron School website. 

The Hebron School Alumni Association provides the framework through which the Alumni Department exists to help in accomplishing through a variety of means including our main website, facebook, newsletters and reunions. My hope is that this section will help as many of you as possible to reconnect with Hebron and with each other.

In recognition of our unique history, membership to the Hebron Alumni Association is open to all former students who have studied in the following schools: Breeks School 1873 (up to 1961), Hebron Girls School Coonor (since 1899), Lushington Boys School (since 1961) and Hebron School, Ooty (since 1974).

Those of you who are former staff are also welcome to join the association as associate members and currently have access to much of the same benefits which former students enjoy.   These include, but are not limited to, you receiving information about the school in the form of newsletters both from the Principal’s office as well the Alumni office, and the regular pray letters that school sends. You may choose not to receive any of these by informing us accordingly. You will also be informed of available school memorabilia and will be given first priority to buy the latest issue of Hebron Highlights. Members are welcome to attend reunions and will be informed of events in your part of the world.


One benefit that is reserved only for former students is our Facebook page which currently has over 900 of your former classmates who have signed on to this and are posting numerous photos and comments every day. I would like to personally encourage you to sign up to this as it is a place where many meaningful discussions are taking place, it also provides an opportunity for you to share your experience with others as well to catch a glimpse of what life was like while they were here. We encourage you to be courteous and respectful as you participate in this. If you wish to enroll click here