Assessment & Reports

The aim of reporting is to communicate the progress made by our students to their parents/guardians and to explain what further needs to be done to reach the best possible standards for each individual during the course of a period of study.

Reporting provides a formal opportunity to review a student’s progress, to consider strengths and weaknesses and to set goals for improvement.

The report provides parents with information to facilitate useful parent-teacher meetings, so parents know how best to help. They also provide receiving institutions with information on achievements, prior attainment and potential.

Reports are sent to parents twice a year, (during the Christmas, and Graduation terms), with an additional report in the Easter Term for those taking Trial examinations (Stds 11 -13). The Reports provide the basis of the PD interview which occurs at the end of each term. New students receive an additional abbreviated report at the end of the Monsoon term. (Those moving from Std. 6 to Std. 7 are not considered new students.)

The reporting sessions are:
1. Monsoon term: abbreviated reports on new students only. This includes a summary Academic report produced by PD tutors, a Dorm report and a DEL report if appropriate. This is designed as a report to parents on how the student is settling into Hebron.

2. Christmas term reports with grades for achievement and effort and detailed comments for students in Stds. 1 - 13. They are staggered from the beginning of November. They also have:

(i)The description of the course followed

(ii) Grades for different aspects of the course appropriate to the subject e.g. practical work in science.
(iii) The examination percentage, (Stds. 8-10 only).

3. Trial examination reports for standards 11, 12 and 13 which are sent out in the Easter term. These include both Trial examination assessments as well as details of progress made since the last report.

Standard 10 also take their trial Religious Studies IGCSE and a short report follows.

4.Graduation term reports for all standards 1-13 with grades for achievement and effort and examination percentages for Standard 7-10.