STD 13s The Scarlet Pimpernel

The class of 2018 was delighted to present to the school the drama of ‘The Scarlet Pimpernel’, after more than two months of hard work. As a class, we learnt not only the antiques of the stage but also got to know each other better; managing to work through many differences and coming to enjoy the company of many different people, fighting towards the same goal in hope to give a lovely show.

It was interesting trying to bring out the gruesomeness of the French Revolution and yet also the elegance of the High Classed society; To convey desperate times and at the same time convey reunion. It was also exciting watching sleepy uninterested people get into their various characters; for example, original awkwardness between Josh Harri and Lauren McCabe transformed into love between the comical Sir Percy Blakeney and the lovely Marguerite; Indifferent friends (Perry, Aakash, Josh D, Sunita, Sahil, Judah) to passionate heros of the league of the Scarlet Pimpernel; Humorous people (Peter, Yanek, Jacob) to evil, cruel and heartless villains. Discovering how to sword fight, change accents and dance also contributed to the fun.

Each Individual of the class was essential to every second of the drama so we had to learn to trust our peers utterly to do what they had to do and that is exactly what they all did. It was a very memorable time and one that we are thankful to have experienced.

Phillipa Tan

Principal Designate July 2018

I am very pleased to be able to announce the Principal Designate, from July 2018, Mr Philip Reynolds. He will be familiar to many of you as he, and his family, were previously at Hebron, 2009-12. At that time, Phil taught Maths and Physics, was Head of Middle School, and he and his wife Clare were dorm parents for the Std 10 & 11 boys. Since leaving Hebron, Phil has been a Housemas-ter in Gordonstoun School in Scot-land. Clare taught French while at Hebron. Phil and Clare will be re-turning with their five children. We, the Oldcorn family, will sadly be leaving at the end of this aca-demic year, after ten amazing years at Hebron.

Hebron Wins Three years District Hockey Tournament

The school hosted the District level Hockey Tournament this term. The competition saw 7 girls schools compete in the 3 categories of competition that was held over 3 days with a total of 21 matches. Though Lawrence School dominated the tournament Hebron Girls were in close competition and fought well. In the boys tournament from a competition between 13 schools that saw a total of 53 matches at 3 different venues, Hebron secured the winner position in the Under 19 category for the third year in running.