Drama at Hebron has been a key part of school life probably for as long as the school has existed. It has traditionally been the focus, along with music, of celebrations here. The Hebron Drama Festival is now a much-awaited annual highlight of not just the school calendar but also the local community in the Nilgiris.

The Drama Festival began with the realisation that there was so much interest and talent in the school that one day was simply inadequate for its expression and a Festival would enable us to produce good quality productions. We now have performances from sections of Standards 7, 9, 11, and 13. We take pride in the fact that every single student from these classes is actively involved, as cast and crew. This system ensures that a student who is at Hebron from middle school gets an opportunity to take part in drama at least 4 times.

The purpose of the drama festival is to teach students about drama and the various elements that go into the production of good theatre. With this goal in mind, students are involved in the various aspects of drama. Students are also taught and encouraged to design and create sets, props and costumes. Older students are included in creative decisions and even in certain aspects of the direction itself and the oldest group do everything themselves, right from selecting the directors and the play to designing and making props.