Information Technology

Hebron has a wide range of computing facilities. Most classrooms are equipped with a PC and projector, which are widely used to enhance learning across all subject areas. There are three main computer rooms, available for teachers to book, and these allow students to work on individual and group projects using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and the Internet.

All students up to standard 9 have compulsory ICT lessons, where they learn to use computers effectively and to evaluate information found on the Internet for accuracy and reliability.

All students at Hebron have access to the computer rooms during class time and in their own free time. The amount and level of this access is relative to the age of the students. The use of the Internet is restricted using filtering software to ensure that all students are kept as safe as possible whilst browsing. Students from standard 5 upwards are given a school email address and they are able to use this to communicate with parents and friends outside of Hebron at any time.