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Religious Studies (Ethics)


Primary School KS2

The school offers education from primary level to IGCSE and A Level exams (Cambridge and Edexcel Boards, U.K.). A wide range of subject choices is offered and courses are adapted to suit the needs of those going on to tertiary education. Our academic departments include: English, History, Geography, Maths, Sciences, Design and Technology, Physical Education, Music, Fine Arts, Information and Communications Technology, Enhanced Learning, Religious Studies, Modern Languages, Business Studies, and General Studies . 

As a boarding school the residential care provided at Hebron is personal and endeavours to create a home away from home.  The school provides remuneration at local Indian rates, as well as full board and accommodation for resident staff. Staff at Hebron School have a high degree of job satisfaction and a strong appreciation for the School's aims and purpose.

TEACHING POSITIONS Immediate requirements

    • English Teacher - able to teach up to IGCSE and A level (Literature).
    • Math Teacher -able to teach up to IGCSE and A level.
    • Geography Teacher -able to teach up to IGCSE and A level.
    • History Teacher -able to teach up to IGCSE and A level.
    • Head Of Science- able to teach Chemistry up to IGCSE and A level.
    • Music instrumental teachers - Piano/Brass specialists and specialist in contemporary styles; vocals, guitar, keyboard , drums etc.
    • Music - Classroom teacher for GCSE and A Level
    • Design and Food Technology 
    • Special Needs Teacher
    • EAL/ESL Teacher
    • ICT and Computer Science Teacher
    • Physical Education
NON TEACHING POSITIONS Immediate requirements
    • Computer Services Staff  Essential – Graduate with knowledge and experience of Microsoft active directory and server management. Previous experience of working in a school /university in servers /networking / internet security would be an added advantage

Preferred applicants will hold the following skills, qualifications and attributes:

Committed, practicing Christians. Fluent in English. Suitably qualified with degree and relevant teaching experience. Willing to serve on local Indian salaries Willing to participate fully in the life of a busy boarding school (including extra-curricular activities and dorm parenting or support)

To apply, please click on the button below.

If you are interested in applying for a position that is not currently listed, you may still apply and we will contact you should a suitable position opens up. 

Please contact Human Resources Department, ( for further details.

Volunteers at Hebron are referred to as International Guests (IGs). For some years we have been able to invite young people to visit the school for six months at a time to help in a voluntary capacity in various aspects of school life. In recent years the scheme has widened to include older people who may have taken early retirement or time out from their work. The staff and students benefit from the time and expertise that IGs are able to contribute which we greatly value. The younger IGs keep us in touch with the youth culture of the West, where most of our students continue their studies. They act as a useful ‘bridge’ between staff and students, and their youth and freshness stimulate new ideas and interests throughout the school. The older ones are greatly valued for their maturity and breadth of experience. For the IGs themselves, it offers an opportunity to live and work in an International Christian school, experiencing first-hand one aspect of overseas service. It can be a very enriching experience, offering situations that demand initiative, creativity, flexibility and patience.

THE PEOPLE All IGs must be at least 18 years of age and have completed their secondary schooling. We have in the past invited young married couples, although accommodation restrictions preclude us from accepting families with children. "The staff and students benefit from the time and expertise that IGs are able to contribute which we greatly value." IGs will find their time more mutually beneficial if they are committed Christians with a willingness to serve. They need to be flexible, responsible, enterprising, responsive, enthusiastic, and have a good sense of humour.

DATES The academic year begins in August, and is divided into two long semesters, with a one week holiday in the middle of each. The first semester is early August to mid December, with a one week semester break in early October. The second semester is early February to late June, with a break in early April. We run an Orientation course for all IGs and new staff, at the start of each semester.

THE JOB Most IGs are attached to a specific dorm, and so have the opportunity to develop close relationships with children in that age-group. They will be asked to help with supervision on weekend outings and activities, and would take responsibility for some daily routines, especially on the Dorm Parents’ day off. IGs would not normally be expected to take full regular classes unless they are trained teachers, but depending on their particular strengths, could be involved in part-time or small-group teaching and tutorial work. Those with sporting abilities are often able to help with coaching and sports activities. Music is another area where many IGs provide invaluable support. Those with more practical skills (e.g. electricians) have made great contributions as well. The school year is busy and varied, with drama festivals, athletics sports and swimming gala, school band performances, clubs, treks and outdoor pursuits. We do try to ensure that no-one is either overworked or bored, and that some discretionary time for local sight-seeing and relaxation is included.

FINANCES Our students’ fees pay for their board and tuition, and the general running expenses of the school, but nothing else. We are therefore not in a position to pay the fares of IGs from their home country and back. IGs come on an Entry visa and as such may not receive a salary. They come as voluntary workers and friends of the school and are enabled to spend time as tourists travelling. We offer free board and lodging and access to all school amenities. IGs need to bring enough money for out-of-pocket expenses and for travel. We trust that the time at Hebron will be truly enriching!

APPLYING TO BE AN IG If you are interested in coming to Hebron as an International Guest (IG), we invite you to email Human Resources ( Please bear in mind that we sometimes receive more applications than we have places for, and some may be disappointed. Generally, the earlier you apply to us the better, and we try to notify applicants if they have been successful by April for July-December semester and by October for the following year January to June semester. Applicants should provide email addresses of referees whenever possible.