Community Guidelines

Guidelines for Visitors

Lushington Campus

Access procedure

All visitors to the Lushington campus are required to stop at the main gate and fill out the. The security guards in attendance will then provide you with a ‘pass’ which is to be worn visibly throughout your stay on the campus and is to be returned to the security guards on your departure.

On arrival at the official school buildings, visitors should make their presence known at the Reception Office.

Visiting alumni

Please report to the Reception Office before proceeding to Alumni Office.

Vehicle Access

Vehicle access to the school property has strict expectations to ensure the safety of all students. As this is a school zone, visitors are requested to keep to the speed limit of 20km per hour.

Motor cars are to proceed only as far as the Titch pitch where parking bays are available.

  • Visitors, who need to transport items to, or collect items from, the Lushington Hall area, may do so, informing the guard on duty. The duration of parking time should not exceed the time needed to deliver or collect goods.
  • Elderly or infirm passengers may be dropped off, or collected, at the Reception Office.

Two wheeler vehicles may be parked in one of the covered allocated areas at the top of the drive on the left hand side above the art room roof or near Inters Dorm.

All cyclists and motor cyclists are required to use helmets when on the school premises. Spare helmets are available at the main gate.

Visitors conduct

When driving a vehicle (2 wheeler or 4 wheeler), please be patient and civil when entering or exiting the Botanical Garden’s gate. Please smile politely and say thank you as you and your vehicle are ushered in or out of the gate.

At no time may visitors smoke, or spit, on the Lushington campus. The plucking of flowers is also not permitted.

Visitors may only meet students with prior arrangement with the respective dorm parents of the students.

Meal reservations may be made and paid for at the Reception Office.


Selborne Campus

All visitors are to report to the guard on duty at the gate. Please take into consideration that parking at Selborne is limited and that the school vehicles always take priority. Parents should always inform their children’s Dorm Parents of their visits prior to arrival and at all times make their presence known before entering the girls' dorms.