Residential Care

Residential Care

Hebron is primarily a residential school with most of the students boarding in 'dorms' across two campuses. The school prides itself on its ability to provide students with relatively small family orientated dorms, rarely exceeding 20 students. Boarding starts from Std. 5. The boys and the Std. 5 and 6 girls reside at the Lushington campus whilst the girls, Std. 7 up reside on the Selborne campus. The school is located on the Lushington campus. Staff and students residing at the Selborne campus are bussed the 2kms to and from school.

The dorms are arranged as follows

Lushington Selborne  
Dorm Std. Dorm Std. Bedtimes
Sunshine Girls 5 & 6     8:30 pm
Gardens Boys 5 & 6     8:30 pm
Silverdale Girls 7      
Inters Boys 7     8:45 pm
Glenrock Boys 8 Gables Girls 8 9:00 pm
Snowdon Boys 9 Elkhill Girls 9 9:15 pm
Cypress Court Boys 10 Senior Girls 10 9:30 pm
Doddabeta Boys 11 Brighton Girls 11 9:45 pm
Ebenezer Boys 12 A Level Girls 12 10:30 pm
Ebenezer Boys 13 A Level Girls 13 10:30 pm

All dorms have a set of dorm parents who are directly responsible for the care and nurture of the children in their dorm. These dorm parents are currently (and generally are) husband and wife couples. In addition all dorms have attached to them 'dorm support' and 'dorm cover'.

Dorm Supports assist the dorm parents with weekend activities. Dorm Covers have the responsibility of looking after the dorm on the dorm parents weekly day off and weekend off once per semester. Dorm Covers frequently voluntarily assist dorm parents, along with the dorm support, with weekend activities. At Selborne, the dorm support is also the dorm cover.

Dorm parents desire to provide your child with a positive stay. We want it to be a memorable experience, building relationships that will extend beyond their years at Hebron School.

In the lower dorms, Std.9 and down, Prefects, responsible A level students, are also given the opportunity and responsibility of assisting the dorm parents during the week in the care of the students as a big brothers or sisters. Usually two Prefects are allocated per dorm. At Lushington (excluding Sunshine Girls) the boys are given a room attached to the dorm. The Sunshine dorm is assisted by two A level girls on some afternoons and on Thursday night whilst the weekly staff meeting is in progress.

Further to all the above mentioned support, International Guests (IG's) are attached to the Std. 5 to Std. 9 dorms, they assist in weekend activities and also take on a big brothers/sisters role

In the event of an illness, injury or any other medical problem dorms are closely supported by Hoz (the schools medical clinic). Hoz provides 24 hour support with trained nurses. Please refer to the residential health section of this web site.


Dorm meeting

This is usually held on Friday night and it is the opportunity for dorm parents to update the students on events of the weekend, have feed back from the week and share a short devotion. This is an informal time where the students can interact with the dorm parents and prepare for the weekend.


It is always a happy time to celebrate birthdays in the dorm. These are usually kept quite simple, e.g. a cake and drinks. It gives the opportunity for the students to be appreciated by the dorm. If you have questions about this, you need to contact the dorm parents.

Weekend Activities

These vary depending on the age of the students. The younger students tend to have structured activities during Saturday morning and evening whilst the older students have a more flexible programme. Activities can include sports, cooking, walks, movies, quizzes, and treasure hunts. From time to time the boys and girls join together for their Saturday activity. The dorm parents endeavour to provide suitable activities that vary from week to week. This gives the students time to unwind after a busy week at school and also provides the opportunity to get to know their dorm parents and friends and build great memories. Weekends away are also arranged and these outings depend on the age of the students.


When the dorm activity permits students are allowed to shop in town on Saturday afternoon. This is done in groups. Std. 5 and 6 are additionally supervised by the dorm parents and dorm support staff.


Student should be in their dorm rooms approximately 15 minutes before lights out to prepare themselves for bed. Dorm parents may grant the privilege of going to bed half an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights. Please refer to the table above for normal bedtimes.

Communication is key!

Regular communication with your child is very valuable and important. This re-assures them and gives you regular feedback, re-assuring you, that they are in good hands. Open communication between parents and dorm parents is vital for your child’s well being. If you have any concerns then it is important to contact the dorm parent by phone or e-mail.

BY PHONE All dorms have at least two phones, one of which is a direct line, the other is through the school phone system using a dorm extension number. At the start of each year dorm parents normally email relevant contact information, listing phone numbers, extension numbers and timings via which you can speak to either them or your child. Parents are encouraged to phone once per week and should try to limit calls to about 10 minutes to enable other parents to talk to their child as well. Whilst parent communication is both valued and encouraged calling too often can be unsettling, especially for a new boarder, and can be unfair on other parents trying speak to their child. Parents may ring their child after school ends, outside of meal and prep hours; and at least 15 minutes before bedtime. As each dorm is slightly different it is best to contact the dorm parent to find suitable times.

BY EMAIL All students in Std. 6 and above have an individual school email account through which they are encouraged to email their family. The school does not censor students' emails. Emails are only ever read when concerns have been raised regarding a student and the school management requests an investigation. Emailing every few days is a good way to keep in regular contact. It is important to remember that students like the rest of us, have good and bad days, and even weeks. Most problems are small and are quickly resolved, but may have first been reported in an email to you, as a major problem. If there are real concerns, please do contact the dorm parent to discuss the issue.

BY LETTER Hand written letters are always appreciated by your child. With the increase in technology, the in-expense and ease of sending an email, or making a phone call, letters have become special and are greatly valued. Standards 5 to 8 students write a weekly letter and Std. 9 students write a bi-weekly letter.

Tuck refers to food items that students have brought from home, purchased from a local shop or have had sent to them as a parcel.


Dorm tuck refers to those tuck items that are kept in the dorm for personal consumption in the dorm. It is usually items such as chips, muesli bars, sweets, dried fruit, etc.

Std. 5 to 9: Tuck is stored in school supplied tins (25cm × 25cm × 40cm) locked away in cupboards and distributed at the dorm parent's discretion. Additionally students normally have approximately 10 packets of noodles for the term. At the start of each term students are allowed to replenish their supplies.

Std. 10 and above: Students may keep tuck in their rooms but are advised to keep it in a lockable container such as a metal tin. They may bring up to a maximum of one small medium 20kg case.


Table tuck consists of condiments, spreads and drink flavourings that can be used at meal times. It does not include things like tinned meat, packets of breakfast cereal, etc. and cannot be items requiring refrigeration. For Std. 9 and younger dorms table tuck items are kept in locked cupboards in the dining hall.


Parcels can be sent but these need to be limited. Most things can be bought locally.


During week days the Student Council operate a school canteen where students can purchase drinks and snacks with their pocket money.

The school attempts to provide a system that allows students to develop budgeting and shopping skills whilst meeting their individual needs and desires. At the same time the school tries to provide a degree of equality between the students and limit financial expense to parents. Money should only be issued by the dorm parent or travel escort as either pocket money or travel money. All other sources are seen as 'black money'. That is students are not allowed to have access to additional money, debit cards, credit cards, shopping accounts, etc. Students are allowed to bring 'money' for the purchase of tuck and toiletries, etc. when they arrive at school (rather than bringing it from afar).


Dorm parents issue pocket money to students usually at a set time determined by the dorm parent on a weekly basis. Students can then spend this money at the student council canteen at school or at the local shops. The table below lists the various categories of money available via the dorm parents and the maximum amounts that a student may request according to their Standard. The dorm parent has the responsibility to record all amounts given to a student, collect receipts where required and submit accounts for the charging to the respective parent account.

Std. Pocket Money Extra Tuck Miscellaneous
  Rs. / Week Rs. / Semester
5 & 6 40 700 650
7 60 700 650
8 60 850 700
9 80 1000 750
10 100 1100 800
11 100 1100 850
12 & 13 5000 / Semester  

Pocket Money The term 'Pocket Money' has a slightly ambiguous meaning. It can sometime include 'Tuck' money or 'Miscellaneous' money. In its correct sense it refers to the money given to students by the dorm parent for which no receipt is required. That is the student doesn't have to account for its use with a receipt.

Extra Tuck Students may use this money to purchase tuck items (Refer to Dorm and Table tuck). This is a per semester amount and a receipt must be obtained by the student and given to the dorm parent for accounting purposes.

Miscellaneous Students use this money to pay for any other expense, such as toiletries, shoe repairs, haircuts and gifts. This is a per semester amount and a receipt must be obtained by the student and given to the dorm parent for accounting purposes.


Travel Money: Travel money refers to cash, debit cards, credit cards, etc. that a student has for travelling to and from school at each school break. Unspent travel money must be handed to the dorm parent on arrival at school and is kept by the dorm parent until the end of term when it is given back to the student for return travel.

Start of term tuck and miscellaneous money: As many items are now available locally some students come with money for the purchase of tuck and miscellaneous items when they arrive at school. As with travel money any debit cards, credit cards and/or unspent money is given to the dorm parent for safe keeping until the end of term.

Extraordinary Expenses: In the event that a student requires or has a need for additional money for a specific purpose, the parent can arrange it by sending an email to the dorm parents, where the authorises the expenditure of a specified amount for a specific purpose.


'Black' money refers to any unauthorised source of money that a student receives or has access to, such as additional money, debit cards, credit cards, accounts, gift money, etc. Access to black money has in the past led to undesirable practices, behaviour and outcomes that are contrary to the schools ethos and aims. For this reason access to black money is considered a serious offence. There is never a need for it. Occasionally there are times when a student needs additional money for a set and reasonable purpose; this can be accomplished via communication with the dorm parent as described above under extraordinary expenses.

Healthcare is in the hands of a non-resident School Doctor, a resident trained Nurse and three trained Day Nurses. All students are medically registered on arrival and their health, weight and growth is checked at regular intervals. The normal attendance of the School Doctor, and the routine treatment of minor ailments, are covered by School fees. Children have a 'nit check' for head lice each term. Deworming tablets are given at the beginning of each semester, twice yearly.

Special drugs, X-rays or treatment will be charged to the parent's account. If a student has to be admitted to the School Clinic (Hoz) overnight or a local hospital, the parents will be informed.

Every student admitted to the school must have had all childhood vaccinations (see table below). A separate health form must be completed before entry to the School which includes other advisable vaccinations and a declaration of the student's blood group.

Required Recommended
Triple Antigen (DPT)  
Polio Rabies
Mumps Cholera
Hepatitis B  
Typhoid Japanese B Encephalitis
Meningitis (Mencevax)  
Tetanus Toxoid  
Mantoux Test  
BCG (TB Immunisation)  
Hepatitis A  
Chicken Pox  

Parents are requested to keep immunisation up to date during holiday periods as the School does not accept responsibility for this. Parents are also requested to inform the School Nurse of these immunisations and any new ailments so that students’ medical records are up to date, including information regarding sight and hearing. A form is provided for this each semester. Parents who know that their child/ren have been in contact with any infectious disease while out of School, must obtain the School's permission before they return. Students must hand in all medications to their Dorm Parents or Hoz on arrival. Dorm Parents should also be informed of any on-going treatment. A doctor’s prescription is needed for the medication to be given.

Ayurvedic, natural, or homeopathic treatments will not be given from August 2013 as we have no one on staff that is familiar with it. We also want to avoid any issues of students medicating others with the alternative treatments. If your child is taking such treatments for any conditions, please consult with an allopathic doctor before he/she comes for boarding.


The School Dentist is available for routine check-ups weekly. Parents need to indicate what level of care they desire for their children on a dental form: in the range of yearly check and cleaning as needed to only emergency treatment. Emergency treatment will be arranged by the School Nurse if required. Orthodontic treatment started in the holidays is the parents' responsibility. There is a local orthodontist who visits monthly from Coimbatore. Mouth guards for most sports are available and highly recommended.

Leave or absence from the dorm, should be discussed with dorm parents well in advance to arrange a suitable time that fits in with school and dorm activities.  Leave that involves absence from school or school activity requires Principal's permission and such a request should be made (emailed) to the Principal well in advance.  Please note:

  • Attendance at compulsory school activities is obligatory;
  • All girls and junior boys must be personally collected and brought back again.


Students may be visited after school hours (3:50pm to 5:30pm) and on weekends, by relatives or authorised friends, with dorm parent's permission.

Evenings Out

Occasional meals with relatives or authorised friends, with dorm parent's permission, is permitted but the student needs to return in time for prep on school days and before bed time on weekends.

Weekend Leave

Students are allowed to stay out with parents one weekend per term.  This may be with their parents or other adults nominated by their parents and provided there is not a clash with a major school event.  Weekend leave may begin at 3:50 pm on Friday and must end by 8:30 am Monday.  Additionally students need to be in Ooty on Sunday night so that they are far less likely to be tired from travel and don't arrive late due to transport delays.

Early Leave and Late Returns

The school is very reluctant to give this type of leave.  It requires permission from the Principal and should only be requested in circumstances where leaving and returning at the scheduled times will cause significant problems. Requests need to be emailed to the Principal for consideration and discussion as early as possible.

Parents' Week and Drama Festival

During these two weeks, with the exception of the last night before the break, parents may request to take their child out of the dorm to stay with them.  Students are required on the last night to pack and tidy the dorm, as is required at the end of each term.  The parent will be responsible to ensure that the student arrives at school on time (8:30 am); does all required prep and fulfills any other school obligation.  Leave may start on the Friday before the actual week at 3:50 pm.