Middle School

There are about 110 students in Middle School, which includes Standards 7 to 9. Each class is divided into two sections, A and α (Alpha). The number of students in each class ranges from 15 in Standard 7 to 22 in Standard 9. Each of the six classes in Middle School has a PD tutor, who functions as a Class Teacher as well. The PD tutor of each class functions as the first point of contact for the students in his/her care.

Subject lessons are taught according to the English National Curriculum, by specialist teachers. The PSHE course is taken by the PD tutors.

Students in Middle School learn all the subjects offered by the curriculum, including French and Hindi taught in Standards 7 and 8; however, in Standard 9, they choose to do two Foreign Languages out of the three offered (Hindi, French and German).

One of the salient features of Middle School is the Merit System, where students are rewarded for exceptional work with merits in each subject, to ‘climb’ the Merit Ladder which has 8 levels, the lowest being Bronze (worth 10 merits) and the highest, Diamond (worth 150 merits). The weekly Class Inspection is another highlight, and the competition to win each term is very strong, since the winning class is rewarded with a special ‘meal out’. Book Awards are also presented at the end of each semester, to the student in each class with the ‘Highest Achievement’ and ‘Best Effort’.

Towards the end of the Christmas Term (Term II), the students of Standard 9 are introduced to the Subject Options available for the IGCSE course covered in Standards 10 and 11. Over the Winter Break, they are expected to choose their IGCSE subjects with the help of their parents, according to a set of Option Blocks the School provides. Mathematics, English Language, English Literature and Religious Studies are compulsory subjects. In addition to these, six options may be chosen.